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​The Wild Birds Regulation Unit is responsible for coordinating licensing processes including the organisation of preparatory courses and exam sessions for a range of licence categories. These include licences for the hunting of wild birds on land, hunting of wild birds at sea, hunting of wild rabbit, taking of wild rabbit with nets, falconry and live-capturing licenses and related special licences. In addition, the unit also administers the licencing process for taxidermy licences, special licenses for scientific research and bird ringing licences.
​Hunting licences
Fuljett informattiv fuq ir-regolamenti dwar il-kaċċa tal-għasafar u l-kaċċa u t-teħid tal-fenek selvaġġ bix-xibka / Information on regulations concerning the hunting of wild birds and the hunting and taking of wild rabbit with nets
​Gwida ġenerali għal liċenzja tal-kaċċa u għat-teħid tal-fenek bix-xibka / A general guide to a obtain a hunting license and rabbit netting
​Fuljett Informattiv fuq ir-Regolamenti dwar il-Falkunerija / Information leaflet concerning conservation of wild birds (falconry) regulation EN|MT
Gwida ġenerali għal liċenzja tal-falkunerija / Guidance note for the acquisition of falconry licence
Guidance note for a Special Falconry Licence
Research Permit
Application form for research permit
​Application form for a taxidermist licence​