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The Wild Birds Regulation Unit has a Specialist Enforcement Branch which is tasked with the enforcement and supervision of compliance with the Conservation of Wild Birds Regulations (SL 549.42​) and other subsidiary legislation for which the Unit is responsible. 

In exercising its duties, the Specialist Enforcement Branch coordinates with other law enforcement entities, including , the Malta Police Force, the Armed Forces of Malta, Customs, as well as with the Monitoring and Compliance Unit of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority. The Specialist Enforcement Branch has a wide range of responsibilities, including: 

  • ​​​Patrol and surveillance duties related to the enforcement of the Conservation of Wild Bird Regulations  and the Protection of Wild Rabbit Regulations (SL 549.90);

  • Inspections both out in the field as well as at points of entry (ports, airports) to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations, as well as to uncover any potential illegal trade;

  • Intelligence gathering in connection with bird- related crime, and carrying out crime detection and prevention activities;

  • Liaison with various NGOs, as well as with Government services including the Police and the Armed Forces of Malta;

  •  Provision of expert bird identification for numerous regulatory procedures carried out by the Unit;

  • The carrying out of forensics to evaluate evidence and solve wildlife crimes where required;

  • Assisting the police and other law enforcement entities in prosecution and investigation processes in relation to bird-related crime;

  • Monitoring and compilation of enforcement statistics;

  • Responding to reports and complaints from the public and NGOs;

  •  Design and implementation of hunter education programmes, including hunting examinations procedure;

  • Monitoring of compliance with applicable legislation and license conditions;

  • Representation in relevant international networks concerning tackling of wildlife crime;

  • Issuance of taxidermy licenses and stuffed birds registration certificates of ownership, disposal permits and transfer of ownership permits;

  • Advising the government on policy priorities and relevant reforms in the field of enforcement of bird-related crime.​